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 UFACTORY | UWARE - Unified Business Applications for Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Enterprises.
Purchase Quotes
Purchase Quotes allow purchasers obtain an estimate of vendor's goods or services. Purchase quote is a starting point of tracking a purchase from request to payment of goods or services by allowing you create various purchase documents tied to one another.

Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders allow purchasers order goods or services from a vendor. Purchase orders help you keep track of what was ordered versus what has been received. When goods or services are completely received, uFactory marks the purchase order ' Order Fully Received '

Purchase Invoices
Purchase Invoices allow accounting staff receive bill of an uninvoiced item receipt or against open purchase order or non-purchase order items.

Purchase Credit Memos
Purchase Credit Memos allow accounting staff track return of goods or credits of a vendor.

Vendor Payments
Vendor Payments allow accounting staff make payments of purchase invoices to vendors.

Recurring Payables
Recurring Payables allow accounting staff create a purchase invoice template that can be used to create purchase invoices on a repetitive basis.

Payables Schedule
Payables Schedule displays a snapshot of unpaid purchase invoices in daily, weekly, and monthly calendar formats.

PO Schedule
PO Schedule displays a snapshot of open purchase orders in daily, weekly, and monthly calendar formats.

Vendor Ledger
Vendor Ledger provides a snapshot of all financial transactions that are related to a vendor. Vendor Ledger entries are created as a result of posting a purchase invoice, purchase credit memo, general journal, check refund, deposit, and vendor payment.