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 UFACTORY | UWARE - Unified Business Applications for Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Enterprises.
Salespeople interact with prospective customers and sells company's products. Salespeople' function enables to manage salespeople hierarchy across different divisions along with their commission information.

Purchasers interact with vendors and purchase company's inventory items to manufacture products. Purchasers' function enables to manage purchasers across different divisions and their privileges to purchase inventory items of various inventory groups.

Prospect is a business entity that the company is interested to sell company's products to or purchase inventory items from. A prospect can be a future customer or vendor and hence it will be used in all sales and marketing campaigns. Note that a prospect does not represent an individual person. A prospect can have multiple contacts of which each contact represents an individual person.

Contact represents an individual person of prospect that a salesperson or purchaser interacts with.

Customer is a business entity that is interested to buy company's products through a sales order and brings revenues to the company.

Vendor is a business entity that sells inventory items or raw materials to produce company's products through a purchase order. A vendor is also a business entity that provides services to company such as installing and repairing company's products on customer site.

Opportunity is a possible sale that a salesperson identified with a prospect during a tradeshow or as a result from a marketing campaign. Opportunity is a starting point of proposing a sale of company's items. Opportunity captures items, probability of sale, and other key parameters.

Campaigns allow a company reach their prospects through their desired communication (e-mail, fax and mail) with personalized and relevant content, leading to increased response rates and greater return on investment.

Reminder Schedule
Reminder Schedule displays a snapshot of reminders that are created in various business functions in daily, weekly, and monthly calendar formats.