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 UFACTORY | UWARE - Unified Business Applications for Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Enterprises.
Sales Price Groups
Sales Price Groups allow sales people adjust item prices. Sales Price Groups are assigned to customer profiles. Then, whenever a sales document is created for a customer, the associated sales price group is automatically used to calculate the unit price of sales line items.

Sales Catalog
Sales Catalog allows sales people to search and view a list of sellable items based on their authorized inventory groups.

Sales Quotes
Sales Quotes allow salespeople provide an estimate of company's items to a prospect or customer. Sales quote is a starting point of tracking a sale from start to shipment by allowing you to create various sales and production documents tied to one another.

Sales Orders
Sales Orders allow salespeople keep track of company's items that customers want to buy. A sales order can be created from an existing sales quote if such one exists thereby eliminating redundant data entry and helps to track the sale.

Service Orders
Service Orders allow customer service department keep track of customer issues related to prior production order. Furthermore a service order may require an additional sales order to resolve customer issue.