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 UFACTORY | UWARE - Unified Business Applications for Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Enterprises.
At SAFERTEK, we believe UFactory is “central nervous system” of an enterprise. The success of such software implementation often requires thorough domain knowledge, excellent communication skills, problem solving skills, interpersonal skills and motivational skills. SAFERTEK’s team offers following services with such skills in your business domain that fit with your work ethics and management styles, and leads to a successful UFactory implementation:
Project Management
Our designated project managers are highly disciplined in planning the implementation scope of UFactory, organizing and managing necessary resources leading to a successful delivery of specific goals and objectives within fixed budget and on schedule. 

Infrastructure Administration
During and after UFactory implementation, our highly experienced engineers provide infrastructure administration services such as server, database, application, and network security maintenance coupled with custom software development to maximize your return of investment on UFactory.

Process Reengineering
One of our key distinguished strengths is our ability to help your organization redesign, transform and manage change in business processes to dramatically improve customer service, cut operational costs and become world-class competitors thereby utilizing UFactory to fullest extent by everyone.

Data Migration
Through out UFactory implementation until go-live, we treat data migration as a continuous process of cleansing and migrating all open and historical transactions from one or more existing systems to an integrated UFactory database thereby enabling your staff utilize business analytics to make informed decisions proactively.

System Integration
UFactory is designed to be core integral piece of your total business solution comprising of design software, machine software, messaging software, mobile devices, and external business partner applications through its application programming interfaces for synchronizing business critical information.

End-to-End Testing
Test, Test, Test, and Test – This is the mantra we adhere to through out implementation process and until we transition your business from existing system to UFactory system seamlessly. Our dedicated implementation team conducts a step-by-step end-to-end testing in parallel with your manual or outgoing system and ensures the accuracy of implemented processes.

Knowledge Transfer
Knowledge resides among staff, processes, software, and equipment. It is our core belief that an organization will be successful only when such knowledge is shared among all departments. As part of UFactory implementation, we assist each department in developing a “How Do I” guide for every business process that is implemented in UFactory thereby facilitating knowledge transfer among all staff members.

User Training
Unlike with other software where user training is the last milestone of an implementation, with UFactory, user training starts on the first day of implementation. We believe that by fully engaging users in the implementation effort not only helps them familiarize their interactions with the software but also increases their adaptability and willingness to use effectively after go-live.

Software Support
A software is as good as its support – Research shows that majority of companies switch to new business software due to lack of proper support on their existing systems. Our support is even better than our software. In addition to providing 24x7 support via e-mail and telephone, we make routine on-site visits and assist with implementation of new business processes as business changes, and get constant feedback on software improvements.

Business Consulting
Lastly but most importantly, the key to a successful software implementation is having a thorough understanding of your business. With a belief that every business is different, we provide consulting services by first listening to your business challenges, then analyzing them in detail for a possible software solution, and finally sharing the industry best practices with you.