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 UFACTORY | UWARE - Unified Business Applications for Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Enterprises.
Designed for Mill Products Companies
UFactory is designed and developed for mill products manufacturing companies keeping in mind the business challenges of sales, manufacturing, customer service, finance and human resource personnel. For each business challenge, UFactory offers an easy to use software function comprises of best practices in the industry.

All-in-One Integrated Solution
Unlike other ERP software packages where the solutions are combined from acquisitions of different companies with different technologies, UFactory comprises of more than 150 business functions developed on a single code base making it seamlessly integrated into one single and flexible solution.

Pay As We Implement
With UFactory implementation, you don’t pay license and implementation fee upfront. The UFactory implementation is normally made up of ten deliverables. You pay only when you receive a successful deployment of each deliverable. That’s how much we are confident of UFactory solution for your business.

Strong Domain Knowledge
In an ERP implementation, it is extremely important for implementation consultants possess strong domain knowledge of your business for a positive outcome. With successful implementations and continuous support of UFactory for more than seven years, we possess strong domain knowledge of mill products companies.

Single Point of Support Contact
One of the critical components of choosing a right ERP provider is an understanding of their software support process. When you choose UFactory as your business management software solution, you will receive a single point of support professional that understands priorities of your support needs and responds to them with a sense of urgency.

24 / 7 / 365 Technical Support
With our offices located in USA and India, we work round the clock to address your business critical needs with quick response time. When you request a new feature or report an issue, there is always a professional ready to receive your request and act on it right away. Our commitment is to respond to your request in less than an hour.

Direct Access to Product Manager
As we strive for continuous improvement of UFactory software, our product manager is just a phone call away to discuss your innovative ideas. With such direct access to product manager, you are assured of your ideas are recognized and handled properly.

Quick Response to Feature Requests
At SAFERTEK, we categorize each UFactory feature request into one of four complexity levels – Low, Moderate, High and Extreme. A low complexity feature is delivered within two days, a moderate complexity feature is delivered in a week, a high complexity feature is delivered in a month, and an extreme complexity feature is delivered in a quarter. It is our commitment to you.

Seamless Software Upgrades
As part of our support arrangement, our single point of support contact deploys all software upgrades seamlessly in your production environment as and when they are available without disrupting your normal use of UFactory software. Our goal is to enable you take advantage of every single new feature that we deploy on a weekly basis.

Guaranteed Implementation Success
Lastly but most importantly, we guarantee the 100% success of UFactory implementation for your business. Our guarantee is backed by a dedicated team of professionals who strive to help your business succeed with UFactory.